Company profile AITSolutions
ARTech at AITSolutions is an leading, PC & Cell Phone sales consulting and testing firm in Europe with offices in The Netherlands & France and a successful history of serving clients dating back to 1994. AITSolutions providing engineering, scientific, technical and management solutions to public and private sector clients involved with PC & Cell Phone import, artwork, sales promotion and design. Also, AITSolutions provides a variety of specialty PC & Cell Phone testing services to business and industry. Whether your project is large or small, on one site or in multiple locations, the services and staff at AITSolutions can provide the resources and solutions you require. And with AITSolutions, you will feel confident that you are receiving accurate, consistent, and timely Information To Build On. AITSolutions is only as good as the people we employ. We hire talented people who want to succeed and make the AITSolutions experience great for their co-workers and our valued clients, from technical to management and from sales to administration. Then, we provide them with the tools, training, after sales and environment to do so.